Does the EZ+ account have a cost?

  • Updated

There are no fees or costs associated with opening an EZ+ account! You can enjoy all the benefits of the account for free! 

How can I open an EZ+ account directly online? "If you haven't received an invitation to open an EZ+ account via email or text message, you may click here to create your EZ+ account.  

After completing the sign-up process, you have two options to link your account to your pawn shop.  


  1. If you have an existing active Pawn, you can follow the instructions after you sign up, or
  2. You may call your pawn shop and ask them to send you an invitation from our POS to allow you to view your active pawn loans and layaways from your EZ+ Account. 

If you have any trouble with this process, send an email👉🏼 or give us a call at (888)-821-0212 📞" 

What are the benefits of having an EZ+ Account? "With your EZ+ account you can: 

  • Track your EZ Points balance and transactions and learn how to earn and use the EZ Points.
  • Monitor your active pawn tickets and/or layaways
  • Extend your pawn tickets - even extend multiple pawn tickets at one time!
  • Make payments on your layaways

If you don't have your EZ+ account yet, Get Started Now! to sign up here