What can I do if I can't see my pawn tickets or layaways from my EZ+ Account?

  • Updated

Please note that EZ+ only displays active pawns or layaways. If your pawn or layaway is past due and you don't see it then chances are that your contract is no longer active and therefore it will not appear in your EZ+ account.  

If you have confirmed that your contact is still active and you have already linked your EZ+ Account with your preferred pawn shop, then the next step here is to reach out to our support desk for assistance. 

You may chat with us by clicking on the Chat icon on the lower right-hand corner on https://ezplus.com/ or you could send us an email at support@ezplus.com. When you email us, it will be very helpful if you can include the Pawn Ticket # or Layaway # for the contract in question so we can help you better.